Content Providers

National Archives
Directory of available videoconferences and numerous educator resource links

NASA’s Digital Learning Network

Cleveland Museum of Art
Information on interactive video conference programs and distance learning lesson plans

National Baseball Hall of Fame
Enriching electronic education

WWII Museum
Education at the WWII Museum

Teacher's Guide to a WWII Museum Virtual Field Trip

Selected Video Conference Programs

Interactive Video Conferencing Resources


Videoconferencing for K-12 Classrooms by Camille Cole, Kecia Ray and Jan Zanetis, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE),

Getting Started Guide for the VSX Series Version 8.7
Getting Started Guide


Setting up the VSX 7000 Advanced System
Quick Reference Chart for connecting the Polycom VSX 7000

Videoconferencing Student Permission Form
Planning the Polycom Classroom of the Future ... Today
A Practical Primer for Designing Interactive Video Learning Environments

Polycom Collaborations Around the Planet
Global Directory and professional network of educators for video conferencing project collaboration

Best Practices in Live Content Acquisition by Distance Learning Organizations
Enhancing the Primary and Secondary School Classroom by Tapping Content Resources via Two-Way Interactive Video

Videoconferencing Glossary
Glossary of videoconferencing terms

Polycom VSX User Training Guide
Quick reference guide to getting started with the Polycom Video Conferencing System