Mini Conference

Arts and Technology TOGETHER

Call for Presenters

We invite you to share ideas and experiences related to the components of the ARTS and TECHNOLOGY during one-hour breakout sessions at the 2008 Regional ARTS/TECHNOLOGY Mini Conference.
Date: Saturday, September 27, 2008
Time: 8:30 – Registration
9:00 – 3:00--Conference
The conference will be held in 8 different PIL regions concurrently on Saturday, September 27, 2008. Please click here for a breakdown of the PIL regions. All 8 conferences will be held at a designated Intermediate Unit.

Region 1 IU 25
Region 2 IU 14
Region 3 IU 19
Region 4 IU 9
Region 5 IU 12
Region 6 IU 8
Region 7 IU 27
Region 8 IU 5

Our goal is to affirm the integration of technology as a tool to enhance Arts Education that will include visual arts, music, theater, dance and physical education. The conference will offer the participants a chance to share, to learn and to build their skills.

• Modeling Best Practices in Instruction
o Sessions MUST be interactive
o Sessions MUST be hands-on (this may include some studio arts presentations)
o Sessions MUST include how the hardware/software concepts can be used to differentiate instruction in the classroom (when applicable)
o Model one-computer classroom, learning stations, lab or the one-one computing model (examples where appropriate)
• Teaching
o Differentiate instruction, i.e. pattern with post-it notes where less knowledgeable and more knowledgeable are paired as applicable
o Monitor and adjust instruction within presentation
• Learning
o Be cognizant of participant learning styles
o Be cognizant of participant knowledge and learning levels
o Discuss how learning/teaching styles can be expanded through the use of technology (when appropriate)
• Curriculum
o Identify curricular ties
• Standards Aligned System - see EdHub (when applicable)
• Cross-curricular activities
• Conference Responsibilities
o Model characteristics of leadership/advocacy
o Repeat your presentation four times on a rotating basis throughout the day
o All projects must embed PDE and IU Resources where applicable
o Be ready for the unexpected!

Ideas for Possible Sessions
Using video iPod to integrate technology into the arts classroom
Technology—Gadgets & Gizmos in the arts classroom
Arts Advocacy
Studio Arts
Short performance piece (actual stage performance including dance, music and song)
Midi keyboards
Facilitate a session
Facilitate a round table discussion
NCLB in the Arts
Interdisciplinary Units

We look forward to receiving your proposals and appreciate the tremendous impact you will have on schools and communities by sharing your knowledge and experience with the arts and technology. Please send your completed presenter online application by July 24, 2008. You may access the application at http://www.bviu.org/artstechpresenterapp. You will only be able to enter the site one time; therefore, printing the application ahead of time is suggested. Use the following link to view the application questions: http://mediacast.bviu.org/tight_url.cfm/URLID/569
We look forward to the energy, enthusiasm and expertise that you will bring to the 2008 ARTS/TECHNOLOGY Mini-Conference. Penn*Link

Eric Rosendale
Lori Ceremuga
Keystones Technology Integrator Program
Beaver Valley IU 27

Jamie Kasper
Governor’s Institute for Arts Educators
Fine Arts and Humanities Advisor
Pennsylvania Dept. of Education

Leslie Kunkel
PA Art Education Assoc.
CAP-Pittsburgh Region
Margaret Barney
(Region 1)
Facilitator for CAPs at Governor’s Institute