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Besides working on the Keystones Podcasting project, the PPD (Portable Professional Development) team has been brainstorming ideas on how to support ongoing collaboration among Keystone Technology Integrators from across the state. We have come up with some ideas, and some of you have suggested some things also. Below is a list of those ideas. We want to know what you think about these ideas and would like to know what else you would like to see.

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  • IF YOU HAVE A COMMENT TO AN IDEA LISTED BELOW: Click on the topic/idea below (this will take you to the discussion tab for this page), and express your opinion by posting a reply.

Subject Author Replies Views Last Message
File Sharing 6thgrade 6thgrade 3 490 Mar 24, 2008 by Eduwiki Eduwiki
Collaboration for Projects 6thgrade 6thgrade 1 359 Feb 27, 2008 by 6thgrade 6thgrade

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